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The Diocese of Beaumont establishes, organizes, and supports a system of elementary and secondary Catholic schools to assist families in the Diocese in educating their children and forming them in the Catholic faith.


Schools Directory

Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School, Beaumont (founded 1895)

St. Anne Catholic School, Beaumont (founded 1937)

St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont (founded 1895)

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Port Arthur (founded 1961)

St. Mary Catholic School, Orange (founded 1924)

We are committed to do this in a way that:

  • Perpetuates the faith by promoting moral and spiritual development through a deeper understanding of our Catholic faith and the richness of our Catholic tradition.

  • Grows the Church by developing future members of both the Catholic and non-Catholic communities.

  • Builds understanding, acceptance, and goodwill for the Church in the broader community.

  • Provides an environment where Gospel values are learned, embraced, and integrated by all students and which nurtures the development of the future religious and lay leaders in our society.

  • Upgrades the economic and physical well being of our students by teaching the skills necessary to ensure access to the very best jobs society has to offer while melding this technical knowledge with a moral vision and conscience that points their skill towards a more convivial and humane society.

  • Provides affordable and accessible Catholic education to as many Catholics as possible.

  • Provides opportunities for children of disadvantaged backgrounds to develop into good contributing citizens.

  • Facilitates the connectivity between the schools and the parishes they serve.

Our overriding purpose is to insure that the children of the Diocese develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally to their fullest potential, so that they may help shape society according to the Catholic values which we cherish.

We distinguish ourselves from other school systems by the quality of our education, high level of parental involvement, order, atmosphere of mutual respect, self-confidence, personal growth and self-discipline, as well as by our culture formed through daily instruction in the Catholic value system.