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Our Stewardship Prayer

O God, Loving Creator and Source of all that we have, thank you for the many gifts you have given your people, our parishes and the Diocese of Beaumont. Grant us the spirit of true Christian Stewardship so we may carry out Your Mission. Open our minds to the Gospel Message. Open our hearts to conversion.Open our hands that we might freely share the gifts you have bestowed upon us. May sorrow, conflict and poverty be diminished in our Diocese because we have responded in Christ-like love and generosity. Gracious God, send us your Spirit to accompany us on our Journey to Stewardship. We ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


“Together for the Good.”

– Romans 8:28

Thank You For Sharing In Our Need

We give thanks to our God at our every remembrance of our generous stewards, our pastors, parish leaders and all those who partner with us in grace to carry out the work of Jesus through diocesan ministries and Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas.  We pray always with joy in our hearts at our every thought of them. Remembering how they have helped us to spread the Good News. We are confident the One who began this good work in them will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.

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As we look at the 2021 year, we may see many challenges especially if we consider the difficulties of the recent past. But, in the face of all those challenges, St. Paul’s words to the Romans echo through the centuries and into the messiness of our lives and the turbulence of our communities: “All things work together for the good.” And we want to shout back, “How?”


The answer comes in a whisper to our hearts: “By working together, the way you always have! The way you have always come together to feed the hungry at the Hospitality Center. The way you have always provided solace through Elijah’s Place for the child who mourns. The way you always have reached out to the unchurched. The way you have always welcomed the seafarer and the stranger. The way you have done all this by supporting the work of the Gospel through your gifts and prayers to the Bishop’s Faith Appeal.”


As we hear that whispered response, we realize we are never alone in meeting the challenges of our ministry. Our empowerment comes from God who loves us. Our empowerment comes from our total dependence and trust in Him as we share our gifts with the poor, the vulnerable and with each other.




In those whispered words to our hearts, we are empowered to do even more than ever before. Our gifts to the 2021 appeal will provide for a new, dynamic and energy filled ministry to our Young Adults. They will fund the very important work of training seminarians, of fostering the discipleship of our young people. Our new gifts will help us reach out even further into the community through an expanded Multicultural Ministry – a ministry that will give us an opportunity to engage more often with each other as we celebrate our diversity and grow even closer in our work.


Knowing that God is with us as we continue carrying out the Gospel message through Diocesan Ministries
and Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas, we ask you to join us again in accomplishing these good works. Because …

“For those who love God,
all things work together
for the good.”

– Romans 8:28

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Ministries that you are helping

  • Apostleship of the Sea
  • Campus Ministry
  • Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
  • Communications
  • Continuing Education
  • Criminal Justice Ministry
  • Evangelization and Catechesis
  • Family, Marriage, Youth
  • Liturgy Formation and Diocesan Celebrations
  • Holy Family Retreat Center
  • Retired and Infirm Priests
  • Ministry to the Sick
  • Multicultural Ministry
  • Permanent Diaconate Formation
  • Stewardship
  • Superintendent of Catholic Schools
  • Tribunal
  • Priestly Vocations
  • Young Adults
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2021 BFA Chairs

Diocesan Chairs

Diocesan Chairs Ashley and Greg Messina
Priest Chair Rev. Ernie Carpio
New Participation Chair Linh Hoang
Honorary Chairs Roberta and Forest Overstreet

Parish Chairs

Parish Name
Our Mother of Mercy – Ames  Debbie Goudeau
Our Mother of Mercy – Ames  Brenda Trahan
Blessed Sacrament  Yvonne Jenkins
Blessed Sacrament Philip Johnson
Cristo Rey Angelina and Guillermo Abarca
Our Lady of the Assumption – Beaumont Lisa Ford
Our Lady of the Assumption – Beaumont Sandra Abbage
Our Lady of the Assumption – Beaumont Paul Montes
Our Lady of the Assumption – Beaumont Lisa Rene
Our Mother of Mercy Beaumont Al Vincent Bernard
Our Mother of Mercy Beaumont Michael and Lisa Jackson
Our Mother of Mercy Beaumont Carla Stewart Bassett
Our Mother of Mercy Beaumont Danielle Nettles
St. Anthony Cathedral
St. Anne Beaumont  Judy and Dan Serio
St. Anne Beaumont Karen and Dennis Nygaard
St. Joseph Beaumont Linda Le
St. Jude Thaddeus Karen and John Begnaud
St. Pius X Jose and Sofia Guadarrama
St. Henry
St. Martin de Porres Cheek Doug and Helen Cormier
St. Martin de Porres Cheek Elroy and Sharon Lemelle
Our Lady of Sorrows Liz Gallier
St. Mary Cleveland Theresa Avalos
St. Martin Corrigan
St. Joseph Dayton/St. Anne Eastgate Jennifer and Daniel Koppersmith
St. Joseph Dayton/St. Anne Eastgate Lorenzo Limon
Our Lady of Sorrows – China Carolyn Hardy
St. Mary – Cleveland Theresa Avalos
St. Martin de Porres – Corrigan
St. Joseph the Worker – Dayton Jennifer and Daniel Koppersmith
St. Anne – Eastgate Jennifer and Daniel Koppersmith
St. Mary – Fannett Tony and Paula Payton
Immaculate Conception/St. Peter – Groves  Bobby & Tammy Mouton
Immaculate Conception/St. Peter – Groves Tasha Smith
Immaculate Conception/St. Peter – Groves Pat Moreno
St. Michael – Jasper Regina and Bill Lawrence
Our Lady of LaSalette – Kirbyville
Holy Spirit – Kountze Jan and Don Fuselier
Immaculate Conception – Liberty  Susie Vestal
Immaculate Conception – Liberty  Tania Robles
St. Joseph – Livingston
Infant Jesus – Lumberton
St. Maurice – Mauriceville Stacy and Kevin Menard
Holy Trinity – Mont Belvieu Matt & Hope Novosad
St. Charles – Nederland
St. Mary – Orange  Gilbert Mazzola
St. Therese Orange Dorothy and Adam Jacobs
St. Francis Orange
St. Helen Marcus Wernig
Our Lady of Guadalupe  Michael Candiloro
Queen of Vietnam Carol Vui Pham
Sacred Heart Port Arthur Brenda Broussard
St. Catherine of Siena Mary Ann Reid
St. James Connie Deal
St. James Marla King
St. Joseph Port Arthur Cynthia and Torivio Gonzalez
Our Lady of Guadalupe – Port Arthur
Sacred Heart/St. Mary – Port Arthur  Brenda Broussard
St. Catherine – Port Arthur Dana and Robert Hamm
St. James – Port Arthur Connie Deal
St. James – Port Arthur Marla King
St. Joseph – Port Arthur  Cynthia and Torivio Gonzalez
St. Therese the Little Flower Caleb Morgan
St. Therese the Little Flower Dana McComber
St. Therese the Little Flower Ricardo Serna
St. Elizabeth Mark Fiorenza
Sacred Heart Raywood  Effie Wright
Sacred Heart Raywood Norma Arceneaux
St. Mark
Our Lady of  Victory Steve Sovereign
Our Lady of Lourdes Deacon Steve Sellers
St. Louis
Our Lady of  the Pines Arthur and Carolyn Vogel

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The Appeal- Intercessions/Petitions

Throughout the course of the Bishop’s Faith Appeal, please use at least one of the following petitions each weekend. Please make these available now to your liturgists and lectors.

Advance Gift Phase:

May we consider the many gifts that God has given us and use them to serve one another – especially in challenging times – as we answer our baptismal call.

We pray…

Education Weekend:

That all of us may demonstrate an understanding that we represent the Catholic Church to the Southeast Texas community as we continue to love God and work together for the good.

We pray …

Commitment Weekend:

As we love God we share our gifts with the greater community through our diocesan ministries and Catholic Charities.

We pray …

Follow-up Weekend:

That we may act together for the good and carry out the Gospel message to help the poor, the lost, the vulnerable and the unchurched acting as one faith community, especially with those in need of  life changing miracles.

We pray …

Follow-up Weekends:

We ask that we may always be hospitable to one another, including the stranger among us, without complaining, and serve one another as good Stewards of our many gifts realizing that all those gifts come from Him.

We pray …

Throughout the Year:

That as we deepen our commitment to the Gospel message, we come to understand that Stewardship becomes a way of life when we work together for the good.

We pray …


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Bulletin & Pulpit Announcements


Next weekend, we will be asked to make a commitment to support our diocesan ministries and Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas through our prayers and our financial gifts.  We do this each year through our Bishop’s Faith Appeal.  This year’s theme is “For those who love God, all things work together for the good.” taken from Paul’s letter to the Romans 8:28. All things will work together as we love and care for one another. Imagine a community where no one goes hungry, where all feel welcomed, where those who mourn are comforted and where those who are lost learn of the healing love of Jesus.   This kind of community is established when we work together for the good. Know that our diocesan ministries are already doing much to bring about such a community through their work.  And, if you and I join them through our support they can do much more.  Please take the time this week to learn about their work by reading the Appeal materials that are being provided to you today and by reading the latest edition of our East Texas Catholic. If our parish exceeds its goal, the overage is returned to the parish. Parishes should use their overage to accomplish special projects that they deem to be a goal of their own.  We hope to (insert your project here) with our overage.


Today is the day that Bishop Toups and our parish ask(ed) for your support for 2021 Bishop’s Faith Appeal. Our theme this year – “For those who love God, all things work together for the good.” – it is telling us that as we who love God together we can create a community of welcoming believers here in Southeast Texas .  You can help create that type of community by supporting diocesan ministries and Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas through a prayer and financial commitment today.  Those ministries work together for the good by helping to feed the hungry through our own Hospitality Center in Port Arthur and Market to Hope in Beaumont. They help form candidates for the diaconate. They evangelize to families and young adults, they help prepare seminarians for the priesthood through Diocesan Youth Ministry and Campus Ministry at Lamar. That’s just a small part of what they do to help a community in need and with our Lord’s help bring about life changing miracles.   Remember, God asks that your gift be proportional to what you have been given and in light of your current financial situation. Your BFA parish team and Father (Msgr.) have already made their pledges. Please make your prayer and financial commitment this week.

Letter from Bishop Toups to be read if no video is shown (pdf)


FOLLOW -UP WEEKEND – February 13/14

If you have not made your gift to the Bishop’s Faith Appeal, please prayerfully consider doing so. Our hospitality ministers are again passing out the Pew-Pledge Envelopes and the Spiritual Pledge/Intention Cards. They are also passing out our Pew Art Pledge Cards, so our little ones can draw a prayer pledge for our ministries. The Appeal continues to be necessary because many needs in our diocese cannot be effectively met by the individual Christian or by our local parish alone. Currently, our diocesan ministries are facing increased requests for their work. They need your help to respond to these requests. We thank everyone who has pledged to the 2021 Appeal. If you have not made a pledge, we ask you to pray to the Holy Spirit as you consider your blessings. Then we ask you to make a proportional and intentional gift of your treasure and your prayer time to the appeal based on your current circumstance in these challenging times. Think about this: if you have not suffered from hunger, you are better off than many U.S. citizens who live in deep poverty. Some of them are your neighbors here in Southeast Texas. We ask that you make a pledge to the appeal, as an expression of your gratitude for your many blessings.

2nd FOLLOW-UP WEEKEND – February 20/21

On behalf of Bishop Guillory and the more than 110,000 individuals who are helped by our diocesan ministries, I thank all those who have pledged to this year’s Bishop’s Faith Appeal. If you have not made a financial and prayer pledge, we ask you to prayerfully consider doing so. Pledge envelopes and Spiritual Pledge/Intention cards are available in the pews.


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Contact Information

Physical Address
710 Archie Street
Beaumont, TX 77701
Telephone: (409) 924-4300

Office phone
(409) 924-4300 x4302

Fax number
(409) 838-4511


Please open your hearts and click here to make a gift
Bishop's Faith Appeal funds are used to support the Ministries of the Diocese of Beaumont benefiting our local community.