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CEMI Certification Programs for Parish Leadership


To prepare existing and new people for parish leadership through different programs that combine theological background and practical training for:

CEMI Certification in Formation/Education Ministries

Areas of Ministry

For those preparing for parish leadership as a Director of all Parish Religious Education or as a Coordinator (Pastoral Minister) of a particular area of ministry, such as:

• Adult Education
• Junior High and High School Youth
• Children
• Requirements for Certificate

Participants will be required to take all the CEMI Courses in Theology, and the Orientation for Ministry Workshop. The level of certification a person wants to work towards (director or coordinator) and the area of concentration will determine additional required Workshops and appropriate sessions from the Catechetical Administration Course.

Some of the topics covered in the Catechetical Administration Course are:

  • Catechesis in the Church Today
  • Developing a Parish Program
  • Recruiting and Training Volunteer Catechists
  • Building Community
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Forming Ministerial Relationships
  • Developing Sacramental Programs and Parent Sessions
  • Keeping Records and Budgets
  • Catechizing for a Just World
  • Maintaining Professional Balance

Where applicable, Diocesan Guidelines will be addressed.

Those seeking certification as a Director of Religious Education would be required to complete all of the above. For those seeking certification as a Coordinator, classes would be designated according to area and need.

Attendance of the Catechetical Administration Course

Option One: Classes for the Catechetical Administration Course will meet once a month for a 2 1/2-hour session. There will be two hours of presentation and 1/2 hour of sharing and discussion of previous topic. The evaluation and reflection will be accomplished by writing a short paper to be turned in each month.

Option Two: Independent Study will be allowed for some of the above classes using the NCCL The Effective DRE: A Skills Development Series. On a monthly basis, participants will be required to provide written answers to all the questions in the booklets, and will meet quarterly for a seminar style session.

Application of Material

If the person is working in a parish, they will be required to evaluate their present program in light of each topic and describe how they will apply what is learned.

If a person is not working in a parish, they will be required to meet with a parish DRE/CRE to discuss how the material can be applied in a particular setting.

For more information and to apply, please contact Dr. Lorraine S. DeLuca at the Office of Lifelong Catholic Formation / Education:
Phone: (409) 924-4300 x144
Email: ldeluca@dioceseofbmt.org

CEMI Certification in Liturgical Ministries

Areas of Ministry

For those preparing for parish leadership as a Director of Director of Liturgy or Director of Music Ministry.

Requirements for Certificate

Participants will be required to take all the CEMI Courses in Theology and the Orientation for Ministry Workshop. Additional required workshops and programs will be determined by the leadership position desired, i.e., workshops for various liturgical ministries for Director of Liturgy Certification, and Music Ministry I and II, Music Director Training, and Music for the Season for Director of Music Ministry Certification. Candidates for certification will meet once each semester for review and discussion of courses and workshops attended, after which a written paper is to be submitted.

Director of Liturgy and Director of Music Ministry

Upon completion of study, candidates for certification will be given an open-book exam using The Liturgy Documents, Music in Catholic Worship, and Liturgical Music Today as the primary resources. In addition, Directors of Music Ministry candidates will work with a parish choir in preparation for a Eucharistic liturgy. Final step in preparation for certification will be a personal interview and evaluation by the Director of the Office of Worship

For more information and to apply, please contact Mrs. Rosalind Sanchez at the Office of Worship:
Phone: (409) 924-4300 x142
Email: rsanchez@dioceseofbmt.org

CEMI Certification in Parish Social Ministries

Areas of Ministry

For those preparing for leadership in charge of total parish social service ministry, or a specific area such as:

  • Grief Ministry
  • Ministry to the Sick
  • Prison Ministry
  • Senior Adult Ministry
  • Food, Clothing, Transportation Ministry

Requirements for Certificate

Participants will be required to take all the CEMI Courses in Theology, the Orientation for Ministry Workshop and additional appropriate CEMI Workshops for Social Justice/Service Ministry.

After completing the courses and workshops, the person can move into the more advanced courses which focus on providing the social minister with skills to develop, coordinate, and evaluate a variety of parish social ministry programs.

Classes would be designed according to area and need, depending on whether a person seeks certification for leadership over several areas of social ministry or for a particular area.

Advanced Course Topics

Parish Social Ministry coursework is rooted in the Catholic Social Teachings and provides the formation necessary for parish and community service. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Social Ministry in a Parish
  • Family Perspectives
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Organizing and Administering Pastoral Programs
  • Multi-Cultural Ministry
  • Parish-Based Community Organizing and Social Justice
  • Community Resources – Information and Referral
  • Theology of Social Ministry

For more information and to apply, please contact Catholic Charities:

Phone: (409) 835-7118
Email: catholiccharities@catholiccharitiesbmt.org

CEMI Certification in Pastoral Administrative Services

Areas of Ministry

For those preparing for parish leadership roles in business management or administration.


Basic: Participants will be required to take Orientation for Ministry; Orientation for Fiscal Ministry; two years of ministerial or apostolic service; all the CEMI Courses in Theology.

Personal Qualities: Honesty, integrity upholding church values; preferably a practicing Catholic or knowledge of church teachings; sufficient maturity to make sound and responsible judgements; ability to collaborate and have a manner that is approachable.

Professional Preparation: High school diploma, basic office skills, basic accounting, organizational skills, ability to complete projects in a timely fashion, competency in data processing skills. Management experience in business, experience with budgets, knowledge of computer use and fund development is also required.

Requirements for Certificate

A commitment to uphold Diocesan policies and procedures and completion of the following workshops:

  • Financial Management Workshop
  • Plant Management Workshop
  • Personnel Management Workshop
  • Communication/Information System Management Workshop

For more information and to apply, please contact Mr. Russell J. Chimeno, CPA, at the Department of Financial Services:

Phone: (409) 924-4300 x134
Email: financialservices@dioceseofbmt.org

Certification for Scripture Study Leadership

After completing Certification, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of Scripture based on current Catholic Theology and Tradition.
  • Have significant background in both the Old and New Testaments so that they would be comfortable leading other adults through an ongoing study of the different books of the bible or the upcoming Sunday readings.
  • Be aware of and know how to use the variety of resources available for Scripture Study.
  • Be able to evaluate Scripture Study programs.
  • Know the best formats and methods for facilitating and teaching adults.

Requirements For Certification

Completion of the following Courses and Workshops:

  • Background Courses: (It is suggested that these are taken before other Scripture Courses)
    • The Historical Critical Approach to Scripture
    • Introduction to the Old Testament
    • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Old Testament Courses:
    • The Pentateuch
    • Historical Literature
    • Prophets
    • Psalms
    • Wisdom Literature
  • New Testament Courses:
    • The Gospel of Matthew
    • The Gospel of Mark
    • The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles
    • The Gospel of John
    • The Parables of Jesus
    • Epistles: Saint Paul and other Writers
    • Revelation
  • Practical Courses/Workshops:
    • Psychological and Faith Development
    • How Adults Learn: Adult Faith
    • Formation
    • Small Group Facilitation

For Whom

For those who are presently exercising these ministries in parishes who want additional training.


For those who wish to be prepared to take on these ministries in the future.

Two-Tiered Approach

Those already in the above ministries can move into the practical training at the same time that they are attending the CEMI Workshops and Courses in Theology. The Certificate will be granted when all the required coursework is completed for the particular area.


Anyone who desires to enroll in any of the Certificate Programs will need to acquire the recommendation of one’s pastor before being accepted into the program.

Completion of the CEMI Certification Program is a preparation for, but not entitlement to, a ministry. The pastor alone empowers persons for Christian service in the parish.