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Catholic Education and Ministry Institute

The Diocese of Beaumont is pleased to offer another semester of the Catholic Education and Ministry Institute (CEMI). This institute offers two types of educational programs for the people of our diocese: CEMI Workshops, and CEMI Courses in Theology and Certification Programs. Registration for upcoming Summer CEMI is coming soon.

CEMI Workshops

The goal of this program is to prepare laity for immediate service in parish ministries through basic formation and practical training in one to three sessions. The sessions include formation and training in two areas. First, they provide participants with specific background information geared towards the particular ministry. Second, the workshops focus on the practical aspect of the ministry – a general “how to do”.

After completing this preparation, participants return to the parishes to receive specific directions by their pastors on how this ministry is to be implemented in their parishes. CEMI Workshops vary in length from 2 to 6 hours. Certificates will be awarded after completion of a workshop.

CEMI Courses in Theology and Certification Programs

This part of CEMI has multiple purposes:

  • to prepare leaders for parish ministry, such as DRE/CRE, RCIA Coordinator, Adult Education Coordinator, Liturgy and/or Music Coordinator, Pastoral Minister, Scripture Study Leader, and Youth Minister;
  • to serve as a pre-diaconate program;
  • to provide catechist formation;
  • and to be a source of general adult education for the people of our diocese.

CEMI Courses will vary in length from 8 to 12 hours. The Diocese of Beaumont will grant a certificate of course completion.

The Certification Program involves taking all the Courses in Theology, as well as the practical courses and workshops for a particular ministry. Certification is offered in the following areas:

  • Formational Ministry,
  • Scripture Study Leadership,
  • Liturgical Ministry,
  • Parish Social Ministry, and
  • Pastoral Administrative Services.

The decision to seek certification for ministry may develop after taking some of the courses. A candidate is required to obtain a letter of recommendation from one’s pastor before enrolling for the program. Brochures with detailed information about the Certification Program are available from each diocesan office that offers certification.

Completion of CEMI Workshops or Courses is a preparation for, but not entitlement to, a ministry. The pastor alone empowers persons for Christian service in the parish.

CEMI Certification Programs for Parish Leadership