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Criminal Justice Ministry


The ministry provides pastoral and sacramental ministry to the incarcerated Catholic populations of jails and prisons in the Diocese of Beaumont. It assists victims and ex-offenders and their families, and promotes criminal justice issues that are consistent with Catholic teaching.

County Facilities Location Catholic Ministry By
Chambers County Jail Anahuac
Hardin County Jail Kountze
Jasper County Jail Jasper
Jefferson County Correctional U.S. 69 Beaumont
Jefferson County Jail Beaumont (Downtown)
Liberty County Jail Liberty
Newton County Correctional Newton
Orange County Jail Orange
Polk County Jail Livingston
State Jails & Treatment Centers Location Catholic Ministry By
Cleveland-Wackenhut Cleveland
Gist State Jail U.S. 69 Beaumont  Rev. Polycarp Otieno, Rev. Ernie Carpio
Goodman Transfer Facility Jasper Rev. Ron Foshage, M.S.
Henley SAFPF Dayton
LeBlanc SAFPF U.S. 69 Beaumont David Aceves, Rev. Paul Ofoha, MSP
Plane State Jail Dayton Leslie Balsamo
State Prisons Location Catholic Ministry By
Gib Lewis Unit Woodville Peter Peltier, Rev. Joseph Sigur,
Rev. Ron Foshage, MS
Hightower Unit Dayton David Workman, Dan Koppersmith,
Jerry Mortus, Paul Landi
Stiles Unit U.S. 69 Beaumont Tommy Riedmueller, Deacon Stephen Sellers
Polunsky Unit Livingston Deacon Stephen Sellers, Jim Banks, Rev. Tarsisius Puling, MS
Federal Correctional Facilities Location Catholic Ministry By
FCI Low Security Beaumont
FCI Medium Security Beaumont
Federal Work Camp Beaumont
United States Penitentiary Beaumont
Private Federal Correctional Facilities Location Catholic Ministry By
IAH Immigration Detention Facility Livingston  Rev. Tarsisius Puling, MS