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Office of Catholic Schools


The Office of Catholic Schools offers professional and spiritual development to all elementary and secondary principals and educators in the Diocese of Beaumont.

It sponsors on-going conferences and workshops on such topics as faith formation, curriculum development, technology advancement, major gifts, marketing and public relations.

Strategic planning for the future of the schools is on-going, with the help of several groups, including boards, administrative leaders, pastors, educators, and parents.

The office also provides a wide range of consultative services for the schools, assisting in areas such as catechetical leadership, tuition assistance, enrollment trends, corporate marketing and business development, alumni support, team building and collaboration, and other administrative issues.

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Schools Directory

 Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School, Beaumont (founded 1895)

 St. Anne Catholic School, Beaumont (founded 1937)

 St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont (founded 1895)

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Port Arthur (founded 1961)

 St. Mary Catholic School, Orange (Founded: 1924)