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Extraordinary Stewards, Significant Stewardship Strides

Some fed the hungry. Some started a new ministry. Some grew a parish youth group. They were exceptional stewards who did an extraordinary work in 2016 expecting nothing in return. But now these extraordinary efforts that were done this past year can be recognized if you submit their names as possible nominees for the 2016 Msgr. Richard DeStefano Faithful Steward Award.

And, if your parish has made a significant stride on its Stewardship journey it can also be recognized this October. With that award comes a monetary gift to be used for the parish’s Stewardship efforts.

“I encourage everyone to submit the name of that person who shares the gifts that God has given them with others in an extraordinary way,” said Faithful Steward Award coordinator Bill Gier. “That person who shares without thoughts of recognition and by sharing their gifts, they make something extraordinarily better.

“Submit the name of the person who made a definitive difference by aiding the less fortunate, or who recognized where help was needed and then was the one to initiate that help — whatever that help may be,” he said.

From the submissions, 100 will be selected to be considered for nomination for the actual awards.

Letty Lanza, director of Stewardship and Communications, is also encouraging parishes to self-nominate for the 2016-17 Bishop Curtis Guillory Parish Stewardship Award. That award is given to that parish that has made a gigantic leap in its Stewardship Journey the past year.
“Parishes that have added new ministries, increased Mass attendance, found creative new ways to engage young adults or maybe increased their offertory since last year should self-nominate,” Lanza said.

“If in any way they have made a leap on their Stewardship journey – maybe adding a new ministry – we want to know about it. Bishop is sending each pastor a letter encouraging him to think about their growth in the past year along with some suggestions about how that growth or involvement may have occurred,” she continued.

Lanza said the parish awards come with a “generous monetary gift.” She also says parishes can include efforts made from July 2016 through the end of the fiscal year in June 2017.

Diocesan Stewardship Council member Billie Matthews suggests that parishes take a close look at their weekly bulletins to review how much they accomplished during that time period. Then compare that information with the year before to see how big a leap they’ve taken on their Stewardship journey. Matthews is Gier’s co-chair for this year’s event.

This year’s Faithful Steward Awards ceremony will be held Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, at the MCM Eleganté Hotel, 2355 Interstate 10 Access Road, Beaumont, where Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, will present each nominee with a certificate.

Individual nomination forms can be found on pages 22 and 23 and on the diocesan website at www.setxcatholic.org. The deadline for submitting an individual nomination is Sept. 11. No late submissions will be accepted. For more information, call (409) 924-4302 or email stewardship@dioceseofbmt.org. Parishes have until Sept. 18 to submit a self-nomination for the Bishop Curtis Guillory parish award.

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