Department of the Permanent Diaconate


The Department of the Permanent Diaconate is entrusted to a staff appointed by the Bishop. It exists to carry out all aspects of activity in:

  • the screening, selection, recommendation to the Bishop, and formation of candidates for the diaconate; and
  • the on-going development, continuing education, and ministry assignments of those already ordained as permanent deacons.

The Department also assists with: the development of diocesan policies affecting the life and ministry of permanent deacons; the discernment of ministerial needs and the placement of newly ordained deacons; the reassignment of deacons; and the screening and acceptance of deacons from other dioceses.

The Department of the Permanent Diaconate collaborates with the Diocesan Personnel Board in recommending to the Bishop the ministry assignments of permanent deacons. A Permanent Diaconate Formation Committee assists the Department with the screening, selection, and formation of candidates for the diaconate.

Permanent Diaconate Formation Committee Members

(Rev. 3/2016)

  • Msgr. Jeremiah McGrath,
    Vicar for Deacons
  • Fr. Sinclair Oubre,
    Director of Diaconate Formation (new class)
  • Sister Esther Dunegan,
    Associate Director of Diaconate Formation
  • Deacon Steven Obernuefemann,
    Director of Deacons
  • Deacon Keith Fontenot
  • Deacon Joe Scheurich
  • Dr. Lorraine DeLuca,
    Director of Office of Evangelization & Catechesis
  • Mrs. Rosalind Sanchez,
    Director of Office of Worship
  • Jesus Abrego,
    Director of Office of Hispanic Ministry
  • Linda Duhon-LaCour,
    Director of Office of African-American Ministry

Permanent Deacons – Ordained June 2, 2012


Permanent Deacons – Ordained Feb. 25, 2006