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Catholic Schools still ready to welcome students recovering from Harvey!

Catholic schools are “back in place” and they have a place for your child.

All schools in the Diocese of Beaumont have been open since Sept. 12 with plans in place to support students and families who are recovering from Harvey.

Parents who are concerned that their children’s education has been interrupted in some way by the storm are invited to visit Catholic schools.

“We are here to help your child keep on track with academic success in a safe and faith-filled environment,” said Marcia Stevens, Superintendent of Catholic Schools. “I don’t want anyone to waste another day. They can visit one of our schools today! Their children’s future is worth the trip.”

Three weeks into the school year, Harvey struck the area. The five schools in the Diocese of Beaumont prepared for the storm, but no preparation could hold back the floodwaters from St. Catherine of Siena, St. Mary and Msgr. Kelly High School.

Contractors immediately began working to remediate. With the help of volunteers – some of whom were students – Catholic schools were opening their doors to students in a matter of days.

“It is a testimonial to the commitment of staff, families and alumni. It is a community of support, kindness and success,” Stevens said.

The Diocese of Beaumont has five Catholic schools: Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School, St. Anne Catholic School and St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont, St. Mary Catholic School in Orange and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School in Port Arthur. Stevens said registration is open to new students.

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