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Want your child to attend a Catholic School?  If your community has one, our Diocesan Catholic School Office has ways to make your dream come true.

“I think many parents and grandparents are under the misconception that our Catholic Schools are not affordable for them. I so wish they would talk to us. We have many resources available to them for tuition help.” That’s the word from Marcia Stevens, Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

Through diocesan subsidies,  grants, annual giving contributions, donations and fundraisers, the five Catholic schools are able to offer many families help with tuition.

“Tuition is based on a sliding scale according to income,” Stevens said. “Then you can apply for additional assistance. You have to let us know.  Do not just look at the base tuition cost and decide you can’t do it. Talk to us.”

The five Catholic schools use FACTS, a secure third party program used to process financial aid applications and conduct a need-based financial analysis of each applicant. Each family must complete an application and provide any required income verification. Along with applying for financial aid, families can also apply for a 10-month payment plan through FACTS.

To begin the enrollment process and find out more information on financial needs, parents are asked to speak to the school principal.

Principals and staff at each school are ready to assist families with paperwork, resources and other needs in order to get their children into Catholic school.

“Our Catholic schools are a wonderful way for all of us to evangelize to the next generation,” Stevens said.

“I know a couple of grandparents who say they are paying for their grandchildren’s Catholic education as a gift.  One grandmother told me, ‘No I am not buying him a car for his 16th birthday, but I am picking up the tab for his Catholic high school tuition.  It’s a lot cheaper and his Catholic faith is going to last him a lot longer than a car.’”

“If you want to get your child into Catholic school, come talk to our principals. They will help you out. I promise. And if you need more information, you can always call my office.” Stevens said.

There are five Catholic schools in the Beaumont Diocese. St. Anne Catholic School, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School and Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School are all located in Beaumont. St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School is in Port Arthur and St. Mary Catholic School is in Orange.

Bus transportation is offered from St. Catherine and St. Mary schools for older students who want to attend Kelly High School and need a way to get there.

For the school directory and contact information, please visit www.dioceseofbmt.org/schools/.

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