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Bringing in the new school year with safety

Plans are underway in order to maintain a safe learning environment for Catholic school students in the Diocese of Beaumont. August 10 marks the first day of school for the five schools in the Diocese.

In preparation for the big day, Diocesan Superintendent of Schools Marcia Stevens has sent a letter to parents and students which outlined safety guidelines and protacals for the new school year.

“It is our goal to provide an excellent education in a safe and healthy environment,” Stevens said.

As of now, class instructions will in the classroom face to face. Distance learning may be used to support students during long absences. Parents are asked to talk with their student’s principal if they have concerns about “in the classroom” teaching for students with underlying health issues.

Each school will have personal protection equipment supplies ready for the fall semester.

“However, we ask that you please provide masks for your students,” Stevens said. “Everyone will wear masks or face shields daily.”

Other safety procedures include daily monitoring and temperature checks. Sanitizing and hand-washing practices will be enforced.

If students have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, parents are being asked to inform the principal or school superintendent. HIPPA guidelines will be respected and information will be kept confidential.

If students are showing symptoms – which include fever of 100 degrees or higher, loss of taste and smell, cough and difficulty breathing – they are being asked to keep their children at home.

“As partners in your child’s education, we look forward to meeting the challenges ahead of us with your help and support,” Stevens said. Stevens reminds parents and school staff that COVID-19 may change the current plans – even before school opens. Final plans are still a work in progress.

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