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Onto the main building

With the gym complete restoration of the main building at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Port Arthur, is underway and will be completed within the year.

“At St. Catherine it looks like to be around early August when we will be completed with the construction,” said Alan Bihm, Diocesan Director of Construction.

Classrooms, kitchen area and offices in the main building are being restored. The building will also receive a new air conditioning system and new roofing.

The school was damaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and was closed for 11 days following the storm. The construction process began with repairing the gym in 2019.

Students and teachers have been using portable buildings for classroom space.

“It’s been a challenging time to move everyone around to have access to everything,” said Dr. Renee Tolin, Principal of St. Catherine School. “I’m looking forward to everyone having a beautiful space to work and learn.”

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