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Keeping in touch with the youth

Youth Ministry has found new ways to stay connected with youth and youth ministers throughout the diocese during the pandemic.

“We talk with members of the Diocesan Youth Leadership Team and other youth weekly,” said Melanie Ehrlich, Director of Youth Ministry. “We discuss the highs and lows of what they’re going through while at home. It is beautiful how so many refer to their highs as being able to spend quality time with their family members. It seems that sometimes God puts obstacles in our lives to help us slow down and refocus on the important things in life.”

The ministry also trains youth ministers individually on different social media platforms through Zoom Meetings.

“We have resources like virtual trainings online for youth ministers to learn in order to reach youth during the pandemic,” Ehrlich said.

Youth ministers in different parishes hold a “life night” at different times through Facebook or Zoom.

“Life night allows the youth to engage in prayer, games and other activities,” Ehrlich said.

“As we each develop new skills and new ways of connecting, we continue to share the light of Christ with the youth and help them to grow in their faith,” Ehrlich said.

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