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Reaching out to multi-racial communities

African American Ministry is finding ways to provide resources parishes can use who are trying to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic. The ministry is looking for resources that would be most beneficial for parishes that are primarily African American or multi-cultural.

“Due to the pandemic, it’s a different way for us to do ministry,” said Linda Duhon LaCour, Director of African American Ministry. “It had forced me to look for all of the different resources.”

One resource is a virtual learning program offered in the summer by the Institute of African American Studies at Xavier University, New Orleans.

“I had a conference call with Dr. Kathleen Dorsey Bellow, Director of the Institute of African American Studies, and she discussed classes for people working within the African American Catholic community,” LaCour said.

Each class is a week long and covers a specific topic. Individuals will be able to take classes remotely. One of the classes is “Preaching from the Pews” for priests.

“I have also been working with my commission members in groups of four – in some cases by vicariate,” LaCour said. “I have shared resources that I have received via email, Zoom conference calls, articles and other ways that may be beneficial to them, their families and parish communities.”

“I work to help the community by providing resources and doing what I can do to help leaders further their improvement with their respective parishes,” LaCour said.

For more information on the Xavier Universityclasses and to register visit https://gradapply.xula.edu/register/IBCS_CE_NEW.

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