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A word from our youth

Need to make your day brighter? Read this!
Youth Ministry has been sharing messages it has received with other ministries in the hope of gladdening their hearts. We’d like to pass these along to you.

Insightful Youth: “I celebrated Mass last weekend and this weekend, and that’s where I saw God, celebrating Mass in my own home, with my family.”

Joyful Youth: “Since last week, my family and I have started playing tennis. I saw God when we were all laughing and having fun. I can’t wait to see you all again.”

Hopeful Youth: “Me, my mom and grandparents had dinner and watched a movie. We had a ten minute adoration, did the rosary and watched the pope give the blessing. We have been watching the bishop give a virtual Mass each Sunday. I tried a few new things like painting and baking to keep me busy. I’ve been doing homework everyday. I see God in this in how he has recovered many people from this virus and kept my family safe so far. I continue to pray for all of our health and that we can get through this quickly and go back to things being normal. I miss seeing everyone and hope to see all of y’all soon!”

Now, don’t you feel better knowing these teenagers can see God working in their lives?

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