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At work- behind a mask

The Diocese of Beaumont’s Multi-Parish/School Accounting Department isn’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic interfere with its work. In fact, they haven’t missed a beat.

“While we are trying to stay safe and engage in social distancing, we are able to complete all the services for the parishes and schools that we serve.” said Cathy Favre, Director of Multi-Parish/School Accounting.

The department staff is still working but precautions have to be put into place. For the most part, they are working from home until further notice. When in the office, staff members, which includes Favre, five accountants and one clerk, wear masks and sit six feet apart from each other.

Since 2013, Multi-Parish/School Accounting has been providing accounting support to parishes and schools. Currently the department is working with 28 parishes and three schools. The schools are St. Anne School, Beaumont, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont, and St. Catherine of Siena School, Port Arthur.

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