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A “Doctor in the House” at St. Catherine School

The principal of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Port Arthur, is now sporting a doctorate degree. Dr. Kimberly Renee Tolin completed her requirements to obtain her Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership this April.

“I’m very excited for this accomplishment,” Tolin said. “I dedicated a lot of time into this, along with my job as principal.”

Tolin started on her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Lamar University in 2017. During that time, she was a science teacher at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont. Tolin became the Principal of St. Catherine of Siena School in 2018.

When I was hired as principal at St. Catherine, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time for my studies,” Tolin said. “It was difficult. I was able to keep up with the program with help and encouragement from my husband and family.

“To my students, I would like to share that if I can do it, anyone can accomplish any goal that they set their mind to,” Tolin said

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