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During the 2019 Liturgical Conference at the Elegante Hotel, Beaumont Aug. 9-10, people were able to understand liturgy a little bit more. One speaker, Msgr. Rick Hilgartner spoke on the mysterious works of liturgy.

“Liturgy builds people who are within the temple of God to the mature measure of Christ’s spirit,” said Msgr. Rick Hilgartner during his keynote presentation. “So while we’re working in the liturgical ministry, liturgy is working within us to be more like Christ.”

Dr. Steve Janco talked about diversity and how people can be more open within the parish community by organizing potlucks and greeting visitors.

“Food brings people together,” Dr. Janco said. “One of the lessons we face today in the Church is that we are all different but yet we are the same. We must do what we can to be more welcoming.”

“Regardless of cultural differences, we are all one in the body and spirit in Christ,” he said.

Dr. James Abbington discussed how to use music to be more welcoming.

“As we welcome strangers and foreigners in our midst, we must worship and sing the way that will enact and encourage that welcome,” Dr. Abbington said.

“My hope is that everyone was inspired by what they heard and by what they experienced, and take what they’ve learned back to their parish,” said Rosalind Sanchez, Director of the Office of Worship.

The conference was funded by a grant from John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation and sponsored by the Office of Worship, which is partially funded by the generous stewardship of the faithful of the diocese through the annual Bishop’s Faith Appeal.

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