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Diocese adds two names to credible allegations list

On April 24, 2019 Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D  shared with the faithful of the diocese the names of two  additional members of the clergy  against whom credible allegations of the sexual abuse of minors have been made.

Earlier this year,  Bishop Guillory shared the names of 13 members of the clergy against whom credible allegations had been made.  The two additional names have been added to that list on the diocese’s  website.  The names appear as an addendum to the January 31, 2019 list of clergy with credible allegations. They can be found on the same link (Letter to the Faithful and Names of Clergy…) as a second page of the original list.

The allegations against these two members of the clergy were made in February after the January 31, 2019  release of names.  The last reported incident of sexual abuse of a minor by clergy in the Diocese of Beaumont that has been determined credible occurred in 1994.

The diocese investigates all allegations of sexual abuse of minors.  It has an effective system in place for reporting and investigating suspected abuse and for removing any offender from ministry.

A Diocesan Review Board assisted the bishop in reviewing  the allegations against the two priests whose names have been shared. The Diocesan Review Board includes five individuals who are not diocesan employees and are competent in fields such as psychiatry, judiciary,  law enforcement and social service.

More  information about the diocese’s safe environment practices can be found on the diocesan website  under the Safe Environment tab along with information for reporting sexual abuse.

Bishop Guillory again apologized to all victims and their families.  He asked Southeast Texas Catholics to join him in praying for the continued purification of the Church and all who have been wounded by the actions of her clergy.

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