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2016-18 Stewardship Awards

“Kind of you to share in our distress” was the theme at the Diocese of Beaumont’s Stewardship Awards held at the MCM Elegante in Beaumont on July 15.  One hundred and twenty-five people were nominated for having performed extraordinary acts of stewardship between 2016 to June 2018.

One of the marks of a stewardship parish is a “true community of faith” where the “Christian way of life is practiced daily”.  It is easy to see why the Diocesan Stewardship Council chose St. Joseph, Port Arthur as the 2016-18 Bishop Curtis Guillory Parish Stewardship award for making the biggest strides in stewardship.

The seven recipients of the Msgr. Richard DeStefano Faithful Steward Award were Cristian Correa, Tim Farnie, Cynthia and Erika Hernandez, Brandon “Moose” Johnson, Jane Ann Kemplay and John Roberts.

The Diocesan Stewardship Council Award was presented to former Stewardship Council Member Lynda Apodaca and Ad Hoc member Nita Chavis for their stewardship during their lives.  Both awards were received by family members.

The newest award presented was the Unsung Stewards bench.

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey devastated much of the Southeast Texas area.  According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, an estimated 42,000 of homes within the local area were effected, but where disaster strikes, hope rises.  Parishioners, neighbors, families and outside organizations gathered to help one another.  Hundreds of stories, each just as impactful as the last, lead the Stewardship Council to create an award that will continue to offer support to those in need.  The bench will be installed outside Some Other Place in Beaumont.

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