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Unity Explosion Conference: Music’s key role in evangelization

Conference music director Roger Holland sat behind the piano and led a choir rehearsal as one of the music sessions held at the Unity Explosion Conference June 9 in San Antonio.

“When I look up I want you to go up,” Holland said for those in the choir who couldn’t see his hand directing them to sing higher. “I need you to lose yourself in the choir. Let’s do it the second time all the way through.”

A song or two later, the choir and Holland were in tune and ready to practice some more. He chose another song from the hymnal.

“’Lamb of God’ number 139,” Holland said directing the choir to the next song. “Here we go,” he said before beginning to sing the lyrics.

Music, according to conference co-chair Linda Duhon-LaCour, director of African American Ministry at the Diocese of Beaumont, is important in addressing the liturgical and evangelization needs of African-American Catholics. The conference meets every two years to engage discussion and inspire action about those needs.



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