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Msgr. Kelly High School alumna beautifies Beaumont

Beaumont traffic boxes are being dressed as works of art and serving as inspiration to others throughout the community.  What started as a plan to paint fewer than 20 murals has evolved into over 70 boxes, including one painted by Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School alumna Monica Garcia.

“I knew I wanted to inspire others,” Garcia said.  “I wanted them to create their own mark in the world.”

Artistic as a child, Garcia learned how to paint from her art teacher, Roy Bares, at Msgr. Kelly High School and attributes much of her skills to his guidance.

“He taught me how to be adventurous and to try new things.  My time in his classes was essential to my growth as an artist.”

After her graduation, Garcia began to focus her artist skills on painting for “more than just myself” and recently sold her first major piece.  She attributes her continued success to the local art community within Beaumont.

Her inspiration for the electric box she painted, titled Butterfly Effect, underwent a metamorphosis after a conversation with another local artist within the community.

“I saw them (the boxes) around town and met another artist working on one.  She was a big help in submitting my idea and what I wanted to represent.  It’s really about community, helping each other out so it evolves into something more,” Garcia said.

The process for being assigned a box for this project includes paperwork, idea submittals, and an approval by the city before any brush strokes can begin.

From the start of the process, Garcia knew that she wanted to include butterflies and to inspire others to continue making their own art.  When asked her advice for other aspiring artists, she commented, “Don’t be scared.  Do it.  Be able to evolve and grow.  Stay true to yourself and keep at it.”

Garcia’s Butterfly Effect can be viewed at the corner of Park and Bowie in downtown Beaumont.  More of her artwork can be found through social media outlets and at local events in Beaumont.

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