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Anniversaries – celebrating more than 400 years of ministry

“We try to keep these simple, but meaningful,” Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, said at the Priests’ Anniversary Mass on May 10 at Our Mother of Mercy, Beaumont.  This event marked the first Anniversary Mass in 17 years that has been held in a church.  The traditional location was the Holy Family Retreat Center which is still closed for restoration due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey.  Sister Esther Dunegan, IWBS, Chancellor and Canonist for the Diocese of Beaumont, spoke briefly at the start of the event along with Msgr. Salvador Culotta and Msgr. Jack Dinkins.

“It is not an easy road to encounter because if it is a deep encounter, it means changes,” Bishop Guillory said.  “At a deeper encounter, we cannot remain superficial,” Bishop Guillory explained, “it is important to be people of prayer” and through that prayer to be “people of joy”.  Too often people leave church after having a deeper encounter while celebrating Mass and appear withdrawn.  Instead, Bishop Guillory insisted, “if we give our all to the Lord, we will have joy.  People should experience us as joy.”  He also commented with a smile, that people should have a sense of humor that will “all us to take a joke and discover the gift of humor as joy.”

“Let us keep our faith fresh,” he continued.  “The Holy Father means for us to encounter the Lord.  To have prayer, joy and humor to keep the faith alive and fresh.”

Those celebrating special anniversaries this year are:

  • Msgr. Salvador Culotta, 65 years
  • Rev. Clement Iglesias, 60 years
  • Msgr. Jack Dinkins, 55 years
  • Rev. Delphyn Meeks, 35 years
  • Rev. Noel Efiong, MSP, 30 years
  • Rev. Vincent Alexius, SVD, 25 years
  • Rev. M. Shane Baxter, 25 years
  • Rev. Rejimon George, CMI, 25 years
  • Rev. Eathan Oakes, 25 years
  • Rev. Tarsisius Puling, SVD, 25 years
  • Rev. Rodel Faller, 10 years
  • Rev. Joseph Nguyen, SVD, 10 years
  • Sister Esther Dunegan, IWBS, 50 years
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