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Catholic School: It’s Affordable!

“If you want to be there, we will do our best to make it happen,” said Superintendent Marcia Stevens in regard to the affordability of Catholic schools in Southeast Texas

Catholic schools within the Diocese of Beaumont are more affordable than many realize.

Principals of each school do their best to find ways to help families enroll their children into a Catholic school. Traditionally, most schools use a sliding scale to determine how much yearly tuition will cost based on a household’s income.

“Most of our students come from lower income families.   Our Catholic schools aren’t just for affluent homes,” Stevens noted.

Additional funding is provided through grants, endowments and consistent donations from the community.  Larger families also receive further discounts on the cost of tuition.  After Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, further tuition assistance was offered to families experiencing the aftermath.

“We are fortunate to offer parents discounts, pay our teachers good salaries and provide everything the kids need,”  Stevens said. “It is an investment into a child’s future.”

Parents are encouraged to reach out to the school principals to learn more information or to visit the Diocese of Beaumont Catholic Schools webpage at www.dioceseofbmt.org/schools/.

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