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Kelly kids help the younger set

More than two dozen students from Msgr.  Kelly Catholic High School joined other volunteers to clean up the mess Harvey made for students at St. Catherine of Siena School.  The older students showed up at the Port Arthur school September 5 ready to go to work.

They joined adult volunteers and teachers  as well as Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D. and St.  Catherine School Principal Haidee Todora.   Bishop Guillory has been visiting parishes and schools in the Beaumont diocese damaged by the storm’s  flood waters.  St. Catherine School is one of the hardest hit locations.

The Kelly kids know what it is like to have a flooded campus.  Flood waters also did severe damage to Kelly.  Students at both schools are waiting for their campuses to be cleaned up before they can return to class.

Kelly students have been using the unwanted “vacation” time to do service work – an endeavor they are well known for.

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