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A Word from the Appeal

By Morline Guillory
Associate Director of Philanthropic Services

Our little ones, through their creative drawings, are busy praying for the ministries that the Bishop’s Faith Appeal supports. Our theme this year is from John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me … rivers of living water will flow from within him.” This flow of living water is what I feel when I see kids pray. It causes me to smile, to feel joy and to be hopeful for their spiritual life.

It is important for our kids to learn to pray, and we are their primary teachers. By watching us in prayer, they will mimic what we do. During Mass, they take notice of what’s going on around them and become curious. This is a good time to explain to them the motions and postures we do during Mass such as why we beat our chest at certain times or cross our lips at the Gospel. Take on one or two motions or postures per Mass and continue the teachings the following Sundays explaining one more ritual. You may find yourself having to refresh your memory of the meanings of some rituals and deepening the things in your heart that you love about your Catholic faith.

Encourage your child to sketch something during Mass on the Pew Art cards. Tell them their drawing is their way of praying for the ministries to continue helping so many needy children in the community where we live.

We try to publish Pew Art in each ETC. Feel free to have the children write their name and parish on them. We keep them in the Pastoral Center Chapel. In August, the cards are taken to the Intentions Mass where the community prays for these children’s prayer intentions. After the Mass, Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, takes the Pew Art to his home chapel and continues to pray for them the rest of the year.

Space is limited in the East Texas Catholic newspaper, and I want to publish more of the children’s prayerful Pew Art. In the near future, we will be posting the children’s prayer illustrations on the diocesan website under the BFA link.


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