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A blue and gold author finds her story

“I show you this because this is as good as it gets,” said Theresa Nelson, a 1966 Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School graduate and author of eight novels. She said that while showing a baby picture of herself on the screen behind her.
Nelson served as the guest speaker for the annual Beyond the Blue and Gold lecture series on Feb. 2 at the Centennial Complex.
Nelson had the crowd laughing through her lecture as she shared stories of her journey to become an author, and of who inspired the characters in her books.
Nelson’s journey began with her putting on shows in her home as a child.
“I was the writer, the director and the witch, because nobody else wanted to play the witch,” Nelson said.
Eventually Nelson joined the Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School Glee Club and acted in school musicals.
Nelson attended the University of St. Thomas, Houston, and met her husband while both were performing in a play at college.
The two married, and while acting in a traveling show Nelson decided she would begin to write again.
The first things she wrote were children’s rhyming stories like Dr. Seuss, Nelson said.
A friend of hers sent Nelson’s writings to a children’s book editor. The editor called one day and left a message with Nelson’s husband.
Nelson’s husband told her, “A man named Jack Dixon just called, he wants to meet with you, and he’s an editor of children’s books!”
I called Jack Dixon, and found out his name was Richard Jackson, but it was OK, he laughed,” Nelson said.
Nelson met Jackson who had Nelson’s stories in front of him. She ask him what he thought.
Jackson told Nelson he thought she could write and she just needed to find her story.
She found the beginning of her story while thinking about her mom, who was a hero to Nelson.
She remembered her mother used to pick up a boy from the Beaumont Children’s home and bring him to family outings. Nelson was inspired because her mother was already raising 11 children, but still shared her gifts with another child.
This gave Nelson the idea to write about a child who had no mother.
Then one day while making a pie, Nelson remembered making a pie when she was a little girl.
Nelson decided she would write about a little girl who had lost her mom, and her plan to bond with a woman who she hoped she would get together with her daddy. The little girl would get the two together by asking for the woman’s help making a pie.
“The woman would be beautiful like my sister. I gave her my mama’s old job of working at the library,” Nelson said.
“And little by little that became ‘The 25 Cent Miracle,’” Nelson said of her first book.
Nelson had some advice for aspiring authors.
“Don’t write what you know, write what you imagine, write what you dream, write what you care about,” she said.

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