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The 24/7 steward who does it all

“He does everything. He is my 9-1-1,” said Father Antony Paulose, CMI, pastor at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Beaumont. He was talking about Antoine Lawrence Roberts.
“He’s a 24/7 volunteer,” Father Paulose said of Roberts. “He’s just a phone call away.”
Roberts is Father Paulose’s go to guy for anything to do with the Our Lady of the Assumption buildings or grounds.
Roberts worked on a huge drainage project for over a year, digging new drainage ditches around the church campus.
“Every time we would get a bad rain, the parish hall would flood. Then it was moppin’ season,” Roberts said.
Mopping was not Roberts only duty in the parish hall. Roberts works in the parish hall kitchen as a cook for the Bereavement Committee. Since he was familiar with the kitchen, he was asked to help with its remodeling.
His talents are put to work in many areas including grounds keeping, painting, plumbing, electrical work and carpentry.
Roberts not only does physical labor, he also volunteers as a member of the parish council.
“I do whatever needs to be done,” Roberts, a parishioner since 1985, said.
Roberts was not always a parishioner at Our Lady of Assumption. For a time, he was not even a parishioner anywhere.
“I was kind of outside of the church for a while,” Roberts said, speaking of his battle with alcohol.
Roberts’ recovery started with a 12-step program. That program and prayer helped him with his addiction.
“I had a lot of people praying for me,” Roberts said.
These prayers and the 12-step program led Roberts back to his Catholic faith. He had moved right down the street from Our Lady of the Assumption Church so he started attending Mass there.
Father Paulose is glad he did.
“It’s a huge amount of money saved,” Father Paulose said, referring to the help Robert’s work has been to the operating budget.
Roberts not only helps with maintenance and remodeling, he also helps at Mass.
Roberts is a regularly scheduled Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and fills in when someone else cannot make their scheduled time. He is also an usher.
Roberts believes his stewardship at the parish isn’t anything special.
However, others see things differently. Roberts was one of the recipients of the Msgr. Richard DeStefano Faithful Steward Award at last summer’s Diocesan Stewardship Awards Ceremony.
The ceremony is an annual event sponsored by the Office of Stewardship and Communications, two of the ministries funded by the annual Bishop’s Faith Appeal.

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