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Falling in love with Jesus begins a journey

“I have an awesome God. We are best of friends. I talk to God like I talk to you” said 86-year-old Sister Magdala-Mari Gilbert, OSP, while on vacation in Beaumont visiting family.
“Come in and fall in love with Jesus. When you fall in love with Jesus, the rest is history. You want to do everything for him. That’s what I have done,” Sister Gilbert said when asked what she would tell someone thinking of beginning their own religious sister journey.
Sister Gilbert’s journey began when she was 4 years old.
“I saw my first nun, and I told my dad I wanted to be like her.” Sister Gilbert said.
Sister Gilbert grew up in Beaumont and graduated from Blessed Sacrament School on Porter Street. After graduation she joined the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore.
The Oblate Sisters of Providence was the first successful order of Roman Catholic sisters of African descent. The covenant was founded in 1839 by Mother Mary Lange, OSP, from Santiago de Cuba.
Mother Mary served as superior general of the Oblate Sisters of Providence. With her congregation, she educated and evangelized African Americans 34 years before the Emancipation Proclamation.
Sister Gilbert is director for the Cause for the Canonization of Mother Mary Lange. She wrote a book about Mother Lange, “A Woman Used by God.”
Sister Gilbert plans on writing more.
“I told God I am not ready because I have three more books to write,” she said of her plans to continue her earthly journey.
Sister Gilbert is amazingly resilient. She has been through a stroke, several back surgeries, had her large and part of her small intestine removed. On Dec. 23 broke her back.
A doctor here in Beaumont told her she needed surgery now, but Sister Gilbert told him “No.” She has to be back in Baltimore for the 135th anniversary of the death of Mother Lange on Feb. 3.
It’s not the first time a physical ailment failed to slow her down. She had a stroke when she was 35. She went back to work as a teacher after her stroke, but her doctor told her it was too much stress.
Sister Gilbert was determined to be around the kids she loved so she went back to school to get her master’s degree and became a librarian.
Sister Gilbert has served God as a librarian, teacher, nurse and at 74 years old began writing poetry.
Until this past June, Sister Gilbert was the director of religious education at St. Francis Xavier in Baltimore.
“I had 23 catechists, and I loved them to death. But as you get older your legs say, ‘You can’t go where you want to go,’ and I can’t go up the stairs. I miss it,” Sister Gilbert said.
But Sister Gilbert doesn’t worry about growing older or anything else.
“If worry could change something, I’d be the worryingest Sister in the world, but it can’t,” she said.

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