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A steward helps bring the family together

“In our church we have a movement,” said Ivette Ramirez speaking of the faithful at St. Mary Church in Cleveland.
This movement is the integration of the Hispanic and non-Hispanic communities within the church family.
For her involvement in this movement, Ramirez received the Msgr. Richard DeStefano Faithful Steward award for 2015-16.
“I coordinate between ministries on events,” Ramirez said of her work on the Stewardship Committee. Involvement by different ministries brings the church’s communities together.
Ramirez could not coordinate between the ministries without first knowing the individual ministry’s needs and strengths. This meant getting involved with the ministries, and then finding ways for them to work together.
An example of using a ministry to unite the church communities is the St. Mary’s Annual Oyster Supper that happens during Lent.
“This was an Anglo event,” Ramirez said. She coordinated for the youth group, who she supervises as youth minister, to work as servers and cleaners. This youth group includes Hispanic and non-Hispanic youth.
When the Hispanic youth came to work, their parents also started coming to the event.
In addition, Ramirez also creates flyers and social media to promote the events. She helps with putting together presentations. She does this for all of the different ministries.
“It’s a lot,” Ramirez said, but it is not all she does.
Ramirez also works with the parish Hispanic Ministry with translations and promoting retreats.
She talks with Hispanic families when they return from retreats, and uses these testimonies to promote future retreats. Ramirez also teaches catechism class for the children while the Hispanic Ministry adults are meeting on Monday nights.
That is not Ramirez’ only involvement with catechism.
“I work on the syllabus, train teachers, work on lesson plans and create power points,” Ramirez said of her duties as religious education director for grades seven-12. She also coordinates classes for the parents while these youth are in class.
Ramirez’ involvement with the youth goes beyond religious education.
Ramirez created and manages the St. Mary’s Leadership Program for the youth ministry.
The leadership program has three levels. The first level is SMIGLYs. It’s an acronym for St. Mary’s Incredible God Loving Youth.
“It’s like Catholic 101,” Ramirez said. SMIGLYs are students who are 14 years old and older. They have to first learn what it means to be Catholic and how the church works.
SMIGLYs do humble tasks like pick up trash after church events, clean the buildings and restrooms.
“They start from the bottom and learn that attitude is everything,” Ramirez said.
SMIGLYs are working their way towards the next level in the Leadership Program which is Leaders.
Leaders are mostly younger high school students in sacrament preparation who help with Mass by serving as ushers and helping with presentations for special homilies. Each Leader is responsible for mentoring a SMIGLY.
After a Leader is confirmed they become Ambassadors.
Ambassadors attend ministry meetings with Ramirez. There they find something that they want to get involved with. Then Ramirez assigns them a task within that ministry.
“They find their call,” Ramirez said.

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