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The elves start early at St. Therese


St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus parishioners got a very early start on Christmas 2016. They began planning in January 2014.
In January of that year collection of raw materials began for what would become the finished Christmas items on sale at this year’s Christmas Treasures store.
The Christmas Treasures store will be held in the parish hall at 6412 Garnet Ave. in Port Arthur on Nov. 19. The sale is held every other year because of the tremendous amount of preparation and work that takes place in advance.
All of the Christmas trees, baskets, wreaths, bouquets and other collectibles are hand made by the women of the parish. These women collect or personally purchase all of the raw materials used. About 50 women volunteer to make all of the unique and handmade items that will be sold
Parishioners Tricia Bullion and Donna Beaugh are sisters who specialize in building custom bird houses for the sale. Beaugh said that the two “borrow our husband’s tools” and build each birdhouse. Each one is unique.
Homes have been decorated with unique gifts and decorations from the Christmas Treasures store for generations. Many of the women who volunteer are following in their mom’s footsteps and learned their crafts from their moms.
Parishioners who do not participate in making items for the sale can still get involved by decorating a Christmas tree.
The parish also holds a Christmas tree decorating contest. Parishioners buy an undecorated tree from the Church. They then take it home and decorate it. Parishioners bring the decorated tree back to the Church to be judged. Whoever has the winning tree receives a $50 gift card to a local restaurant. All of these decorated trees are then sold at the Christmas Treasures store.
Other parish ladies will bake homemade items for the bake sale that is part of the Christmas Treasures store.
The store is open one day only from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Parish secretary Peggy Anderson said that “there is always a line outside waiting for the store to open.”

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