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Blessing those who ‘Judge’

By Richard Rosario

St. Thomas Moore, a public servant and the patron saint of lawyers, famously told the king that he was serving under “I am your faithful servant, but God first.”
That was one of Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD’s, messages during his homily at the annual Red Mass Oct. 21 at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, Beaumont.
Bishop Guillory explained that even though the political environment might be hostile this season, there were some things that everyone could agree on: thanking God for no hurricanes yet, thanking God for 60-degree weather, and thanking God once the elections are over.
“Politics shouldn’t shape our views, but rather, our views should change the political environment,” said Bishop Guillory.
“As we pray to the Holy Spirit during this Red Mass, may we ask that He bring us the Spirit of Joy, the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Compassion.”
Also during the annual Red Mass, Bishop Guillory blessed the judges and lawyers who work in Southeast Texas.
Liturgically, the Red Mass is celebrated as the Solemn Mass of the Holy Spirit. Its name derives from the traditional red color of the vestments worn by clergy during the Mass, representing the tongues of fire symbolizing the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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