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Teens asked to reach out to marginalized students

For marginalized students, high school can be very tough. Father Michael Jamail encouraged the teens at XLT to reach out to these students just as Jesus reached out to the marginalized.
Father Jamail was speaking to a mostly teen crowd at Glorify XLT, Worship + Message + Adoration at St. Elizabeth Church in Port Neches on Oct. 9.
High school is very painful for a large percentage of the kids according to Father Jamail who said “some of the treatment that kids receive in high school is pretty discouraging.”
Father Jamail said those discouraged kids are waiting for someone to say hello and reach out to them. He said these students might consider themselves “cultural lepers.”
Encouraging the teens at XLT to go over and sit down with the “cultural leper” and have lunch with them. Father Jamail said “that’s what Jesus did.”
Father Jamail told the congregation that Jesus went to the poor and marginalized because “that is where God is.” He told the teens that when they go over and talk to the marginalized student, that they may be going to the very place where God is waiting for them. Father Jamail also spoke of being worried about appearance.
Father Jamail pointed out that some people fix themselves up for church. He said “God doesn’t care how you look, God knows what you looked like before.” Father Jamail concluded by asking the congregation to thank God during Adoration.
Father Jamail ask all attending to thank God for creation, baptism, the Holy Eucharist, and the gift of grace. The rest of the evening included worship music, silent adoration and prayer.

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