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City of Beaumont issues proclamation recognizing the Diocese of Beaumont’s 50 years


The Catholic City of Beaumont issues proclamation recognizing the Diocese of Beaumont’s 50 yearsDiocese of Beaumont was recognized today for the 50 years it has ministered to the Beaumont community with an official proclamation issued at the City of Beaumont’s City Council meeting at City Hall.

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames, acting on behalf of the City of Beaumont, read a proclamation celebrating the Diocese’s 50th Anniversary saying “On this 20th day of September  in 2016, I Becky Ames, Mayor of the City of Beaumont Texas and on behalf of Beaumont City Council and the citizens of Beaumont, extend congratulations to the most reverend Bishop Curtis J Guillory and the Catholic Diocese of Beaumont for celebrating their “50th” year anniversary administering to the Southeast Texas community, we wish you all the best as you continue to be a thriving part of our city’s community of religion.”

Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, thanked the mayor and city council, and accepted the proclamation saying “I accept this proclamation on behalf of the Catholics of all of Southeast Texas” noting that “For the common good of humanity we partner with you the mayor, the city council and other entities of our community. We may not agree on everything, but I think we can agree that we share a common humanity, and in sharing a common humanity, we can come together, to pray together and work together to enrich our humanity.” Bishop Guillory also said “I think we have had wonderful cooperation with the political, social and civic leadership not only of Beaumont, but throughout Southeast Texas.”

Bishop Guillory also thanked the staff that worked behind the scenes on the 50th Anniversary celebration. He ended with a story that a friend of his told Bishop Guillory when he first became Bishop. He remembers his friend saying “Now don’t forget the workers. They are the ones that make you look good. You coming from a farm will appreciate this analogy. When you observe a duck in a pond, you only see the top of the duck, the duck is moving, but it’s the feet that make it move. You are up there looking pretty.” Bishop Guillory said he remembers telling his friend “That is so true, however, when the hunter comes around he does not shoot the feet.”


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