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Celebrating 96 years of ‘women who mean business’

The Pioneering Women hosted the ’70s-themed “Women Who Mean Business” luncheon Aug. 4, recognizing seven honorees for their efforts in the community and celebrating 96 years of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Honorees were Elaine Shellenberger, LouAnna Thomas, Gail Cawley Showalter, Janet Floyd, Ines Alvidres, Raquel West and Kristie Young.

Guest speaker was Beaumont Public Health Director Sherry Ulmer who spoke about her struggles with being a female nurse in the ’70s.

She said nurses were taught to stand when doctors entered the nurses’ station to give him their seat. They were also taught to tolerate the doctors’ “super temper tantrums” and verbal abuse.

“So let’s leave here with the message that we need to support each other,” Ulmer said. “We need to empower each other. Sometimes women don’t realize just how powerful we can be.

“We have that nurturing aspect, but we also mean business,” she said. “I think there is no tool greater than women who are empowered.”

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