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Praying for those affected by the mass shooting in Orlando

Many Southeast Texans from all walks of life joined Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D., to celebrate Mass at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica June 13 for all those affected by the mass shooting in Orlando.

In his homily, Bishop Guillory related that it is human nature to be angry with the events that occurred, but it must not affect one’s actions, and one must not let anger and fear guide them.

“When I read the death toll, I must be honest, I was angry,” he said. “And it’s okay to be angry. It’s a human first reaction. But it’s not okay to act out of our anger. We cannot allow our anger to be the GPS that moves us. Rather, it ought to be our faith.

“Let us not pass judgement as the perpetrator did on a group of people. It’s easy for us to do. It’s easy for us to blame the whole Muslim world simply because this individual was a Muslim. Think about it, we did not blame all of the Germans for Hitler nor did we blame all Anglos because of what happened in Charleston. This is where we cannot be guided by our anger.”

Other religious leaders, members of the legal community and public officials were also in attendance including Beaumont mayor Becky Ames, Dr. Jim Fuller of Calder Baptist Church, Beaumont, and Terrence Holmes of St. John the Missionary Baptist Church, Beaumont.


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