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Cathedral Basilica graduate returns as Neches River Festival King

King of the 2016 Neches River Festival, Joe Tortorice, paid a visit to his old school, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School April 7. At the pep rally held in honor of King Neches Tortorice’s visit, he told the students that he remembers his teachers always telling him to “do the right thing,” and even gave him the secrets to life.

“They said the secrets to life are to be kind to people and to smile,” he told the students. “After all these years in business, I’ve learned that it’s true.”

Tortorice, CEO of Jason’s Deli, said to surprise someone each day with an act of kindness.

“Since you all have been such good listeners, I’m going to do something kind for you,” he said. “How about next week I bring you all free ice cream!”

The students cheered with excitement.

After Tortorice’s announcement, the Bulldog cheerleaders performed a cheer in which all the students participated in the routine in the stands.



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