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Cleaning up after Mother Nature

In the recent flooding that hit Southeast Texas, only one parish received any damages. St. Francis of Assisi in Buna had about two inches of water enter the church and hall, but no Masses had to be rescheduled.

Repairs are already underway. Baseboards and a few doors have been replaced, and the minor damages to some of the walls have already been repaired. The pews have also been fixed and are ready for Holy Week.

Due to the flooding from last summer, the mission replaced all of its carpet with tile, making the floors easier to clean after receiving water this time.

Repairs to the office are still in progress but should be completed within the next month.

Other parishes in Orange near the flooding, such as St. Therese and St. Mary, received no known damages — and although no one could get to St. Mary School in Orange because of the surrounding water — the school itself remained untouched and classes were able to resume on schedule after the week off for spring break.

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