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Tending to water damage at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School

While students are enjoying their spring break, Catholic school officials are taking advantage of the empty school to repair the water damage sustained Jan. 14 in the St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School offices and foyer after a faucet was left running in the janitor’s closet upstairs.

From the closet, the water ran down the upstairs hallway and then down the stairwell. The water seeped through the floors of the library across the hall from the closet, damaging the ceiling above the offices and foyer of St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School.

While the students are out for the week of spring break, the foyer and offices are being tended to. The whole left wall holding the trophy case in the foyer has been replaced, and the office rooms, hallway and foyer have been repainted. The carpet in those areas will also be replaced during the week.

“I’m glad that it was at least clean water from the faucet,” said Superintendent of Catholic Schools Marcia Stevens. “If it had been flood waters from the rivers, the damage would have been much more severe because of all the bacteria.”

The damages are being repaired in a timely manner and students are expected to return to school from spring break Monday, March 21, on schedule.

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