Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School graduate of ‘97 Anthony LeBlanc made a big name for himself working as an associate director and performer for The Second City, a comedy theatre and school of improvisation in Chicago. Thursday evening LeBlanc conducted an improv skit with some of Kelly’s drama students at the school. Not only was the crowd roaring with laughter, but the students were able to express themselves in a different way.

LeBlanc credits MKCHS with giving him the capability to also express himself when he was a student there and was able to live outside of his comfort zone.

“Kelly has made me the person I am today,” LeBlanc said. “To those wonderful students here now, take advantage of this time. When you look back on this time, you’re going to understand that all of these other people here are helping to make you the best version of yourself.”

After graduating from MKCHS, LeBlanc attending Loyola University in New Orleans where he earned bachelor’s degrees in computer science and physics.

LeBlanc is also hosting two improv workshops for middle school students and for high school students.