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Rainbow Mass celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Students from every Catholic school in the Diocese of Beaumont gathered at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica Feb. 3 to celebrate Catholic Schools Week at the annual Rainbow Mass.

Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D., gave his homily on the parable of the prodigal son mentioned in the Gospel.

“The prodigal son wasted all of his inheritance on himself,” said Bishop Guillory. “And it was fun at first but eventually he got into trouble. When he came back home, he expected his father to be mad, but he was welcomed home and a feast was thrown for his return. That is the mercy of God.”

Bishop Guillory said, as students, their inheritance is a Catholic education and spiritual life, but as Christians, the greatest inheritance is eternal life.

At the end of Mass, each school presented Bishop Guillory with a gift, representing the charitable works each school had conducted throughout the year.


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